3 Benefits of Using LEI Number for SMEs

3 Benefits of Using LEI Number for SMEs

14/06/2022 Off By Celia Miles

The 21st century has been an era of advancements. From technical to industrial sectors, there have been notable changes across the globe. Various inventions and innovations have taken the market by storm.

Further, the demands of the public and ever-rising lifestyle changes have made it necessary to increase production rates. It also demands an increase in the efficiency of the existing systems. For this purpose, there have been several improvements in existing systems.

An important innovation in the business sector has been that of assigning an identity to businesses that operate internationally. Today, several startups and small-to-medium enterprises have been rising on a global level.

The LEI number is one such number that allows such new firms to be registered on a global level. If you are a startup that is about to go international, you may register on leiservice.com. This has become mandatory for all new enterprises today to carry out commercial transactions across borders.

What Is an LEI Number?

Abbreviated as LEI, the Legal Entity Identifier is a 20 digit alpha-numeric code that is assigned to businesses in the market. These can be accessed on a free portal where these codes are accessible to all. It is a G20 backed ISO standard base tool.

Benefits of LEI Number for SMEs

The LEI number is a standard for all sellers to legalise and acknowledge their presence. It provides firm evidence of whether the particular small enterprise has a proper base for global business or not. Listed below are some benefits that SMEs can enjoy by owning an LEI number.

Legal Entity Identifier

1.      Creates A Reliable Identity

The registration for an LEI number requires a lot much legal paperwork that ensures credibility in their identity. There may be a firm with the same name but in a different state. However, there is never a firm that has the same LEI number. Similarly, when you register with an LEI number, you can assure your clients that your name and your functions are the same as you have told them. The clients can check the same through information obtained from the LEI number based global database. Hence, this creates a reliable identity of your firm to show your clients.

2.      Helps Get a Financial Aid

An important role that the LEI number plays in the present era is that of identifying the function of the firm. It is a well-known fact that all SMEs require funding in form of loans or charity. However, the rise in acts of vandalizing and terror backed by various commercial firms has changed the global scenario. Today, no SMEs could get funded unless there is solid proof that they are not linked to any terror groups or organizations. An LEI number helps in this.

3.      Avoid Fraudulent Cases

As mentioned before, owning an LEI number for your business firm could help your startup or small enterprise to have a trusted online identity. Often, many firms use online methods for fraud scams by making false claims. To prevent this, the LEI number acts as an extra layer of security. It is important to note that the data on the LEI database is constantly updated to avoid any outdated information.


The use of online mediums for global transactions is increasing by the day. Also, the continuous rise in the number of SMEs has risen. Today, the expanding digital business options have opened up a number of opportunities for businesses.

However, for customers to find trust in these firms, a global system has been established in form of an LEI number. It standardizes the presence of these firms internationally. The need for this system has been immense in the present era to establish reliability.