5 Reasons Car Insurance is so Important

5 Reasons Car Insurance is so Important

15/09/2021 Off By Celia Miles

Owning a car translates to a sense of independence and freedom since you can move around whenever you want. However, owning a car for some people can be very costly since it involves maintenance costs, fuel, and insurance.

Here is why you must get car insurance:

It is a legal requirement

In most countries, having active car insurance is legally required to have your car on the road. This is meant to ensure that you and other road users are protected at all times against unforeseen events.

It doesn’t matter how many years of driving experience you have; every driver is prone to an accident. Since self-insurance is very expensive for most people, the law recommends that every car owner gets insurance cover from a renowned insurance provider.

For this reason, it’s better to find a lawyer who will help you choose the best insurance provider for your needs. For instance, if you seek help from a New York car accident lawyer, they will ensure that you have the right insurance coverage according to the laws of the city.

It covers medical and legal expenses

Car insurance is very important because it ensures that you’re protected against any financial costs that might arise. In most cases, you’ll find that accidents are unavoidable.

This means that you’ll need car insurance that will help you with your medical expenses if you’re involved in a car accident. Also, car insurance covers legal expenses.

Your insurance provider will be obligated to cover all the legal expenses that will arise because of the car accident, including the attorney fees.

However, it’s very important to ensure that you read through all the terms and conditions of the contract to find out what extent of coverage you’ll get.

It covers damage repairs

For most people, a car is a very big investment. An accident could damage your car resulting in it requiring urgent repairs. These expenses are usually costly, especially if you’re paying them from your own pocket since they could amount to thousands of dollars.

However, car insurance provides the best solution for you in case such an incident occurs. Also, it’s very important to note that getting a comprehensive car insurance plan will cover your car from other issues like theft, fire, and storm.

This means in case of any other man-made or natural calamities happen, you won’t need to spend a lot to get your car back on the road.

It covers third-party liabilities

The best thing about getting car insurance is that it doesn’t cover your medical and damage repairs alone. You can also go ahead and get a third-party coverage plan that will protect you from any third-party liabilities that might arise in the event of an accident.

This means that if you’re involved in a car accident, and the other person is injured or their car is damaged, your insurance provider will cover their medical bills and repair expenses.

In some cases, the insurance provider will also cover the legal fees that might arise. This saves you a lot of money in the long run.

It provides financial help for the family

Not all accidents usually end up in minor injuries or no injuries; some of them could end up in death. For this reason, it’s very important you think about your family in case you’re involved in a car accident that claims your life.

Some insurance companies offer insurance coverage plans that also cover personal accidents. Other insurance companies offer this type of coverage as an add-on, and it varies from one insurance plan to another.

With the right car insurance in place, it can be a source of financial aid to your family in case an accident results in your demise. It’s important to note that this applies to you and the third party.


Even though some car owners usually underestimate the importance of car insurance, the above reasons show that it is paramount. Having car insurance is like wearing a safety belt. It won’t stop the accident, but it would surely help keep you safe. Regardless of how many years of experience or how careful you think you’re on the road, you need car insurance to protect you and your family from unplanned expenses.